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One question comes in mind which things play a crucial role in the house décor? The global and straightforward answer is flooring. Flooring will change your home appearance completely from start to end. If you have a modern interior or elegant antique, wooden flooring is the best suitable match for you. But wood floor requires regular Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne services from the professional, so its beauty remains for a longer time.

To maintain your floor glory and elegance for several years, you need to contact an expert who provides you with effective Floor Polishing Geelong services. But when you enter the market, then you heard so many myths are running. You have to know about the myths, which is fact and which is just scammed, with the complete research work.

Want to learn about such type of myths? Then keep reading our blog because here we discuss some myths among which is common in the arena.

  1. Sanding Procedure Is Dustless with Advance Technology

If you heard, such type of sentence from any contractor then don’t believe them because it is a big lie. Yes, it is right as compared to older sanding and polishing method, with the advance technology dust is reduce but not completely. It is possible they try to make your project minimum dusting but getting 100% dust-free sanding process is even not thinkable.

  1. Coating Is Not Affect Flooring Durability

Generally, people avoid taking floor coating service after Floor Polishing Melbourne services because their expert tells then it is not required. But when we search the truth, then one statement arises that truth is entirely opposite from the sentence.

The coating is crucial for your floor’s durability and longer life. So that you should check is your contractor complete the coating task properly or not. Once you get proper coating services, then your refinishing task will be reduced.

  1. Sanded Hardwood Is Harmless

If you thing sanded floor only give you beautiful look and higher status then you should keep your eye on this matter also that is it increases the chance of fire. If you avoid such type of dangerous situation, then you should take care of some point like

  • Maintain sander belt between floor and wire box.
  • Keep the sanded tool’s bag outside from home.
  • Avoid smoking in the home.
  • Stop the usage of the hand-made water heater.
  1. Recoating Is Main Problem in Floor

Normally, floor sanding provider company suggest they you should take their service after some time interval that should be two or three years, but is bot necessary. If you get standard quality finishing and full flooring services in the installation time and maintain as per precaution, then it can stay as it is a condition for the longer time duration. 

But this situation you should know how to maintain the floor and avoid its harming process. When you take care of your floor and keep it clean every single time, then you can enjoy its elegance for the 10to 2o years duration also.

Wrapping the Book in The End,

These are the common myths which are related to the Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne services. So be careful and always try to find the truth behind every myth.