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Our Mission is to provide the Victoria with first class customer friendly flooring and remodeling services. We are committed to compatibility and responsiveness with our clients, employees, vendors and our trusted sub-contractors. We develop trusting and honest relationships from the first consultation meeting through the entire project and for years after. In fact, customer our clients prefer that only Imperial Floor Coverings provide all remodeling and flooring on their home.

We at Affective Timber Flooring have a continuing goal of increasing quality, workmanship and customer service while at the same time keeping prices competitive. Our goal is for you to choose Affective Timber Flooring Wood Floors because you are looking for quality and value.

At Affective Timber Flooring, total customer satisfaction is our goal.Our expert flooring technicians provide superior craftsmanship and skill to your hardwood flooring project. Affective Timber Flooring is a full service hardwood flooring company. We offer sanding, staining, bleaching, polyurethane, and repairing as well as new installations of any size big or small.

Affective Timber Flooring is dedicated to providing you with the finest service and products. We are fully insured and licensed. Why not give Affective Timber Flooring a call today? You will be pleased with our competitive prices, quality workmanship and outstanding service.

We specialize in the full package of supply, installation & sanding and polishing of old, new & recycled timber flooring.
As well as all bamboo, engineered & floating floors

Creative and Pleasurable
Timber flooring is now a rapidly growing market in Australia, highly recommended due to hygiene that you can enjoy and share with others each time they visit, adding not only a fantastic look but also adding value to your home.

Here at Affective Timber Flooring we strive and thrive on creating and giving a pleasurable experience during the process of the work. With 17 years experience in the field Allan Sailor owner operator gives professional advice to suit all budgets and desired requirement of your flooring needs. Trained by someone already 15 years in the game at the age of 16, you can be sure he has the knowledge and know how to achieve every requirement.

We specialise in the full package of all installations of new and recycled flooring as well as floating timber floors. When it comes to the sanding & polishing of the floors the work that is provided is not a trade, but an art, that can only be achieved through years of experience. We also repair all problems from bora (termite) damage, water damage removed walls, extensions, levelling sub-floors or simply warn old floors. We can accommodate for even the smallest budget by doing facelifts or re-coats of existing flooring. Carpet can be removed and arranged to be dumped. We specialise in all staining & tinting desires, we also install quading (beading) whether black Japan, Lino, urine stains or water stains, we can restore true beauty from your existing floor saving you hundred possibly thousand in removal and re-installation.


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